6 Things To Do In Tirupati That Can Make Your Trip Unforgettable: Check Out!

6 Things To Do In Tirupati That Can Make Your Trip Unforgettable

6 Things To Do In Tirupati That Can Make Your Trip Unforgettable

Tirupati is among India's most popular pilgrimage sites, with more than 30 million visitors. The city is located in the state of Andhra Pradesh and is considered to be among the richest cities in the country.

So, if you are thinking of visiting Tirupati and wondering what to do there, then here's a list of things that can make your trip unforgettable.

1. Kapila Theertham

A natural spring with religious significance, Kapilateertham is believed to be a holy place where Lord Shiva performed penance. The spring is located at the foot of the Seshachalam Hills, about 5 km from Tirupati. This place is also home to many rare medicinal plants.

2. Talakona Waterfall

This lush waterfall is the highest in Andhra Pradesh and covers 270 feet of the ground. Though it's a popular tourist spot, it's also a perfect place to spend time alone and explore nature. You can find many small caves to climb and see the waterfall from above, or you can hike down to its base and swim in the pools at the bottom.

3. Tirumala Temple

The main temple of Tirupati, which is also known as Sri Venkateswara Swamy Temple, is situated on top of a hill named Tirumala Hills. This is one of the richest temples in India, and it attracts millions of visitors every

4. Sri Venkateswara National Park

If you love wildlife, this park near Tirupati is a must-visit. It's home to over 100 species of birds and many kinds of animals, including leopards, cheetahs, sloth bears, wild boars and spotted deer. Some of these animals live in captivity, but plenty of others roam free across the 1,300 acres of forest. The park also boasts vast gardens where visitors can enjoy nature or take pictures with their families.

5. Chandragiri Palace And Fort

The palace was built in the 10th century and is surrounded by lush greenery. The highlight of this Chandragiri fort is that it is constructed in a quadrangular shape. Four doors on each side lead you to the inner courtyard. You can also explore the royal family's private quarters and the royal throne room.

6. Sri Kalyana Venkateswara Swamy Temple

This temple is a replica of the main Tirumala temple in Tirupati. It is situated on the river's edge, Swarna Mukhi in Srinivasa Mangapuram.

It was built by a devotee of Lord Venkateswara Swamy, whose wish was not fulfilled by visiting the main temple, and he constructed this temple to fulfil his wish.


From the hot, dusty plains of Tirupati, a road leads up to the divine hilltop temple of Lord Venkateshwara. While most people visit Tirupati to visit the famous Balaji temple, there are other attractions in and around Tirupati which are worth a visit.

This list of things to do in Tirupati will help you plan your trip better, from waterfalls to trekking trails and pilgrimage spots.