7 Best shopping and stores in Tirupati: Know More!

7 Best shopping and stores in Tirupati: Know More!

7 Best shopping and stores in Tirupati: Know More!

If you want to buy something unique, there are a lot of places to shop in Tirupati. We love visiting the shops on Tirumala Tirupati Road, where you can find everything from homemade chocolates and traditional Telugu dishes to electronics and clothing. Whatever you're looking for, you're sure to find it here! The ideal part is that they have a huge selection.

1. Chandana Ramesh Shopping Mall

Chandana Ramesh Shopping Mall is the best shopping mall in Tirupati that offers all types of goods from clothes to shoes, accessories, and many more things. The shops and stores are owned by some of the most reputed brands and companies. The mall is especially known for its clothing section, where you can get the best quality of clothes at very affordable prices.

2. Kalanikethan

Kalanikethan is another popular brand among shopaholics in Tirupati. They have an amazing collection of traditional Indian clothing and jewellery, which is very popular among tourists who visit Tirupati for shopping purposes. It offers a complete range of clothing including sarees, suits and kids' wear for men, women and children. With reasonable prices for quality products, Kalanikethan has become one of the most preferred shopping destinations for people visiting Tirupati.

3. TTD Shopping Complex

The TTD shopping complex is one of the oldest and most popular shopping malls in Tirupati. It has all the facilities like a supermarket, clothes store, food courts etc. All the items here are reasonably priced as Govt of India owns them. You can also buy souvenirs from this shop. If you want to buy traditional silk sarees, this is the perfect place!

4. South India Shopping

This mall has everything you need for your daily shopping needs. It is among the oldest malls in Tirupati, renovated recently. There are many shops inside it which sell western wear at reasonable prices. This mall also has a theatre which shows all the latest movies.

5. Dishes Home Made Chocolates

If you are on the lookout for some tasty sweet treats, then Dishes Homemade Chocolates is what you need! This place makes mouthwatering chocolates and has various flavors to choose from. The area outside the store is filled with local vendors selling all kinds of stuff that you can pick up as souvenirs or gifts.

6. Tirumala Tirupati Market

Tirumala Tirupati Market is one of the most popular shopping places in Tirupati. This market has everything from cosmetics, clothes, toys and handicrafts, among many other things. There is also a huge food court to grab a quick bite after shopping to your heart's content!

7. New Balaji Bangles & Fancy

This is a very well known shop in Tirupati for its collection of fancy bangles and artificial jewellery, especially brides. The shop has a great collection of jasmine flowers for the bride's hair, temple jewellery and bangles in different patterns and designs to suit the requirements of all brides.


There are many shopping destinations in Tirupati. Some stores carry special souvenirs and items from Tirumala, while some have their products. As most shops have similar products, there is nothing that you can do wrong other than buying the same thing you already have.